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Founded in 1939 by Haj Reza Seirafian and his son Mohammad Seirafian in the central Iranian city of Isfahan – considered by many as the cradle of Iranian art -, the Seirafian brand quickly established itself as arguably the most recognisable brand of hand-made Persian rugs worldwide.

Haj Reza’s other sons then followed suit and the production of Seirafian rugs turned into a family business that was passed down the generations all the while maintaining a well-earned reputation for quality, durability and attractiveness.

Of the special characteristics of Seirafian rugs is the exclusive use of plant-based dyes in the colouring of threads which results in rugs that are far more resistant to sunlight and washable with water and soap without the risk of mixing of colours, which is often observed with rugs containing chemical dyes.

We, at seirafian.co.uk – directed by Mehdi Seirafian, the son of Mohammad Seirafian- present only the highest calibre of Seirafian carpets and aim to serve the most discerning customers and aficionados of our products